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Sudip Narayan Ghosh is a free-lance writer. An ex-Presidencian he started his career in the West Bengal Civil Service. He writes mainly reflective essays on a wide range of subjects. His first story was published in school magazine when he was fourteen years old. He replica watches continued writing in little magazines during his college days also. If you wanna buy uk best quality replica watches, you cannot miss this website. It must make you feel regret it!

Towards the end of his service he published his first book and is still continuing. So far he has published seven books, three books in English and four books in Bengali. Another four books three in Bengali and one in English are in process. He has written on subjects varying from Tagore to Israel. He also writes short stories, articles and poems in various magazines. ​UK AAA quality fake watches for sale are worth having. You can place an order online conveniently and efficiently.